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Thanks Helga sor the blu ray version of Raskenstam!!

Eric van't Hof - Nederland
8 December 2022, 15:24:54

Thank you for that wonderful ABBA week-end! It was so much fun, so much interesting stories told by fans, wonderful guests, great films on the screen, great music and most of all the absolutely amazing ABBA-The Movie on Sunday which was seen with lots of ABBA fans. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again Helga and Anita. I am so proud of being a member of the best club ever!!
Wilma Engel - Germany
4 October 2022, 07:44:16

I'm a proud member of the best fanclub on earth
since 1999. Thank you so much helga, anita and
others for the great work you do for the fans.
Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida: Thank you for the
music. Voyage is a dream come through. I need to
listen to the album every day. A life without ABBA
music your solo projects as well is not possible.

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
2 August 2022, 10:13:44

I have been a fan since I first ever heard ABBA
and that was well over forty years ago. And now to
find out that I can actually be in the
international fan club is basically like reliving
my childhood over again with ABBA once again.
Thank you for making this possible

Joseph Orser - Canada
24 June 2022, 22:18:31

Hello dear ABBA fans, I remember how sad I was as a kid when the
original International ABBA Fan club closed down and I got my last
magazine. I didn’t want ABBA’s reign to end. I never imagined then
that these legends would resurge and be back so popular today that
I can rejoin the official club from Helga and team. Thank you!!
Should have joined sooner. Wish you much continued success. Can’t
wait to see the magazines, and I hope I can order back copies.
Best wishes

Andrew Squire - Switzerland
12 May 2022, 22:23:28

I’m Head Over Heels for the ABBA Fan Club! Thank you Helga and
rest of the team for the quarterly issues and other wonderful
member opportunities.
much love from New York

Noah S - United States
15 March 2022, 02:03:19

Dear The Official International Abba Fan club!!
I have renewed my membership, and I am waiting excited on the New
THE MEMORIES!!! I became an Abba fan for real in 1977, when I
heard Thank you for the music on my parentes radio.

Monica Voll - Norge
5 March 2022, 16:32:32

I recently found your Facebook page and via the
Facebook page I found your website. I’d heard of
the Official International ABBA fanclub before but
I never thought of joining it, although I am an
ABBA-fan since 1976. On the first of January I
thought it would be nice to join the fanclub.
Today I received the membership card and the
December magazine. I think it looks nice and well
worth reading. I think there’s no doubt about it I
will like the membership. Unfortunately I never
got the chance to see ABBA live so I hope to go to
London one day. But getting there and perhaps stay
in a hotel for one night and tickets for the show
is all quite expensive. But even if I will never
see the ABBA-tars I will have the music to enjoy!

Janet Bakker - Nederland
6 January 2022, 16:29:23

I've ordered the new CD box "Voyage" and the two new
books by Stany van Wymeersch via the fanclub.
Thanks to the good packing they arrived last week
undamaged. The new CD is fantastic as are the books!
Thank you ABBA and Helga and Anita!

Thomas Liesner - Deutschland
14 November 2021, 14:37:33

Hi,and thanks Helga I received my membership
yesterday.I have always been a fan since I was 14
in 1974.To put that in perspective Ihave my 61st
birthday next week !! I have always loved the
music and seeing them on tv.I shall be going to
the show, hopefully on my 62nd birthday next
year.To hear the new album is an honour,as I
thought we had long lost our favourite group.
Onwards and upwards, keep the faith,
and ABBA

Kevin Nutt - UK
14 November 2021, 08:28:34

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