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Thank you fan club and the voyage team. May 27th has
become an unforgettable day for me thanks to you.
Thank you for making my dream come true. I want to
see Voyage more often! So special that the Voyage
team, Benny, Björn and Frida were there to celebrate
this special day with the fans.

So I'll definitely be back! In my opinion, no ABBA
fan can do without the official international fan

Thank you for the music ABBA. Thanks to you and the
fan club I have a lot of new friends.

Amy Pikaar - the Neterlands
29 May 2023, 18:03:58

Hello Anita and Helga and everyone who helped you. Both
Stockholm's 10th anniversary and the ABBA ARENA's 1st
anniversary will remain unforgettable, thank you from the bottom
of my heart ♥️, you're doing a great job, it was nice to be with so
many fans. Best regards ❤️

Brandt Richard - Switzerland
28 May 2023, 14:26:42

Hallo Helga en Anita,

Ik heb het zo enorm geweldig gevonden in Stockholm Zweden. O.A.
Het ABBA Museum maar ook de afterparty op vrijdagavond, was ook
prachtig. Ik ga deze dagen echt niet meer vergeten. Ook mijn zus
heeft genoten, zegt ze. Lieve groetjes

Bas - Holland
24 May 2023, 19:42:12

Beste Anita en Helga,
Vandaag ontving ik de gewonnen Voyage mok naar aanleiding van de
prijsvraag! Het heeft mij een moment van geluk gebracht in een
voor mij zware tijd!! Heel vriendelijk dank hiervoor!
Warme groet,

Charlotte Heesen - Holland
8 March 2023, 14:04:53

I am happy to be part of this fanclub... I have
loved ABBA since Eurovision 1974, which I saw with
my family and which was a revelation for me.
I listen every day always with as much pleasure and
as much emotion and what joy when I hear it on a
radio or in a public space.
I hope to be able to go up to Stockholm in 2023 to
visit the museum and why not meet Agnetha, Frida,
Björn and/or Benny...

Nicolas - France
19 December 2022, 10:18:05

Thanks for magazine 153 fan club team, I enjoyed
reading it as always. I am very happy with the
Christmas present you provided. I bought a frame
where the photo comes into its own. I wish all
members a Merry Christmas and a happy but especially
healthy 2023. Of course I wish the ABBA members too.
Let's all pray that the war in Ukraine will end,
peace on earth how beautiful that will be.

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
10 December 2022, 19:22:29

Thanks Helga sor the blu ray version of Raskenstam!!

Eric van't Hof - Nederland
8 December 2022, 15:24:54

Thank you for that wonderful ABBA week-end! It was so much fun, so much interesting stories told by fans, wonderful guests, great films on the screen, great music and most of all the absolutely amazing ABBA-The Movie on Sunday which was seen with lots of ABBA fans. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again Helga and Anita. I am so proud of being a member of the best club ever!!
Wilma Engel - Germany
4 October 2022, 07:44:16

I'm a proud member of the best fanclub on earth
since 1999. Thank you so much helga, anita and
others for the great work you do for the fans.
Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida: Thank you for the
music. Voyage is a dream come through. I need to
listen to the album every day. A life without ABBA
music your solo projects as well is not possible.

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
2 August 2022, 10:13:44

I have been a fan since I first ever heard ABBA
and that was well over forty years ago. And now to
find out that I can actually be in the
international fan club is basically like reliving
my childhood over again with ABBA once again.
Thank you for making this possible

Joseph Orser - Canada
24 June 2022, 22:18:31

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